Laser Hair Removal

As a means for eliminating unwanted hair growth, a laser is applied to the skin painlessly. The laser's beams penetrate the skin, but are absorbed by the hair follicles, causing those in an active growth phase to top growing. This may delay hair growth or stop it completely, but more than one session may be necessary.

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Micro Laser Peel

This laser treatment is applied to the skin and works to remove dead, dull surface skin cells and promote the production of collagen and new skin cells. The result is reduced visible wrinkles, as well as improved overall appearance of your skin.

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Laser Vein Treatment

When focused on large, protruding veins, this laser treatment heats the vein, causing it to close or shrink dramatically. This painless treatment can be used to reduce the appearance or completely hide spider veins and vericose veins.

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