Lipodystrophy in HIV+ Patients

HIV-associated lipodystrophy (abnormal fat changes) is a syndrome that occurs in individuals with HIV who are being treated with antiretroviral medications (typically protease inhibitors). Excess fat accumulation in various parts of the body may be treated through plastic surgery.

Common areas for fatty deposits to accumulate include:

  • Back of the neck/shoulders (buffalo hump)
  • Back of the head (occipital masses)
  • Throughout the front of the neck and under the chin
  • Breasts/chest
  • Trunk/abdomen
  • Localized areas under the skin (Lipomas)

Treatment for these areas usually involves ultrasound-assisted liposuction and occasionally direct excision or removal of the fat. Liposuction is generally not covered by health insurance.

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49 y/o HIV-positive man with buffalo hump. Underwent ultrasound-assisted liposuction of buffalo hump.

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