Concierge Services


If you are coming from outside the Houston area, we have a number of private concierge services such as transportation, private duty nursing, spa services and hotel accommodations.

Pulse Medical Concierge provides professional recovery services customized to your individual needs. Post-operatively they can arrange transportation to your home or hotel and their friendly staff will implement Dr. Shinn's orders, run errands, prepare meals and care for you. They offer a variety of packages. You may contact them at 713-980-3930,, to arrange services.

You may also choose to hire a private duty nurse and stay at one of the full service hotels in our area. The Holiday Inn (713-528-7744), Marriott (713-796-0080), Hilton Houston Plaza (713-313-4000) and Hotel Zaza Houston (713-526-1991) are conveniently located in the medical center.

Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or recommendations.