Combined Procedures

Patient is 41 years old and underwent breast augmentation, peri-areolar mastopexies, and abdominoplasty.
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More and more patients are requesting that multiple procedures be performed together. It is not at all uncommon these days to combine procedures during the same operative setting. Everyone is busy and wants to get back to their normal lives. They want as little "down time" as possible. The advantages to having multiple procedures at the same time are many:

  • One anesthetic (almost always done under general anesthesia)
  • One recovery period (your recovery may be a bit longer depending upon the chosen procedures)
  • More cost-effective (it is almost always less expensive to combine procedures than to return repeatedly on separate occasions)

Safety is of the utmost importance and the key factor in determining which procedures should be combined. Most of the procedures that Dr. Shinn performs can be done on an outpatient basis. However, the surgical time can be lengthy when procedures are combined and it may be necessary to stay in the hospital overnight (or longer) for observation. This will be discussed during your consultation.