Mary Shinn, M.D.

Houston Plastic Surgery with Dr. Mary Shinn

Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Shinn offers a personalized consultation at her Houston plastic surgery office to all new patients. The objective of the initial consultation is to listen and assess each individual patient's particular goals and needs. During your initial meeting with Dr. Shinn, she will discuss all options available to help you achieve your desired goal. We want every patient to have a thorough understanding of the procedures they are considering with realistic expectations about what can be accomplished. We provide educational materials and information for your review and strive to address all of your questions and concerns. We want to help you make an informed decision that is right for you. Remember, plastic surgery is an investment in yourself.

Body Contouring Following Massive Weight Loss

Patients who have lost a massive amount of weight as a result of bariatric surgery and/or dedication to a diet and exercise program continue to face body image concerns. The development of loose, sagging skin of breasts, trunk, abdomen, thighs and arms motivates many patients to seek body-contouring procedures. Dr. Shinn is experienced in these procedures and has a special interest in patients who have achieved their weight loss goals.